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Department of Public Health Sciences


BMTRY 748 - Foundations of Epidemiology III (3)


This course will provide an in-depth quantitative view of advanced statistical analysis of epidemiological studies. The use of epidemiological analysis software (Epicure) will be taught. Builds on techniques developed in Epi II.


  • Fundamental of epidemology data analysis
  • Categorical statistics
  • Stratified data
  • Continuous/polytomous exposure or outcome
  • Interactions
  • Sensitivity analysis in epidemiology
  • Regression models
  • Analysis of case – control studies
  • Analysis of cohort studies
  • Models and grouped data
  • Models and continuous data
  • Models for risk, dose and time
  • Special Topics


BMTRY 700, 701, 736, 747.  Typically offered every other year in the fall semester.


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