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Department of Public Health Sciences


BMTRY 789-08 Introduction to Statistical Genetics


This course is intended mainly for MS and PhD students in DBE interested in statistical methods for genetic epidemiology. This course will include an introduction to basic genetic vocabulary and concepts, such as Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, linkage disequilibrium, and Mendelian errors. It will also cover in detail the data features of pedigree files, map files, and covariate files required to conduct either linkage or association studies. Quality control methods necessary for determining genotyping errors and population substructure will be emphasized. Topics will include multiple testing approaches, haplotype estimation, and imputation for missing genotypes. Examples of family-based candidate gene studies and population based genome-wide association studies will be examined throughout the course. Freeware and online resources such as PLINK, Haploview, and will be explored.


BMTRY 700, 701, 702, 706, 707. Typically offered every other summer semester.


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