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Department of Public Health Sciences

Dr. Andrew Lawson receives R01 from NIH/BMRD

Dr. Andrew Lawson

Dr. Andrew Lawson has received funding from the National Institutes of Health Biostatistical Methods and Research Design Study Section.

R01CA172805 Uncertainty in spatial health analysis due to missingness and aggregation effects

The overall specific aim is to develop novel methods for the modeling and analysis of small area health data where different aggregation (AG) levels provide data support. In particular, we are interested in the ability of different AG levels to contribute to understanding unobserved effects at other levels. The aims are:

  • The development of multiple aggregation level methods to provide insight into aggregation effects at lower and higher levels.
  • To explore and evaluate models for missingness where outcomes are available in only some subareas.
  • To examine the development of disaggregational effects in univariate and multivariate models.
  • The development of flexible software and the evaluation of models

Relevance to Public Health

The proposed project has a potentially major impact in the field of public health (PH) for a variety of reasons. First, it focusses on readily available data held at different aggregation levels, the use of which can be the focus of public health studies and practice. Second, missingness in sample surveys is also a major practical concern for policy makers and we aim to address spatial aspects of such missing data. The problems of scale effects in disease risk analysis have not been addressed before in practical terms and we hope to provide good solutions to such problems that will be readily available. Finally, we will provide software to help in dealing with the range of problems outlined above, and this software will be user friendly and accessible to PH professionals and researchers.

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