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Department of Public Health Sciences

Collaborative Unit

Collaborative Unit

Collaborative Unit


The Collaborative Unit is an MUSC University Research Resource Facility (URRF). As a URRF, the unit is committed to assisting MUSC investigators in meeting biostatistical and epidemiological needs related to research and grant development.

Mission Statement

To promote sound principles of biostatistical and epidemiological design and analysis for biomedical/health sciences investigations, through commitment to education, excellence in scholarship and dedication to practice.


Through contributions to MUSC's academic and research community become a premier national center of excellence in biostatistical and epidemiological collaboration. Through the unit's research and training programs, focus efforts in broad activities including:

  1. Grant development;
  2. New investigator training & development;
  3. Fostering long-term relationships between investigators in DBE and other departments;
  4. Developing training opportunities for graduate students and fellows in DBE; and
  5. Advancing scholarship in applied methodological areas related to collaborative efforts.

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