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The Program for Motion, Exercise, and Rehabilitative Research (PMERR) is housed under the Rehabilitation Sciences, College of Health Professions umbrella of programs.  PMERR was developed to promote and support collaborative research in the areas of movement, exercise, and rehabilitation.

  • Motion Analysis uses advanced technologies to investigate the mechanics of human movement in health and disease.  The information helps to propose and assess new interventions as well as evaluate the effectiveness of current ones.

  • Human performance (exercise) investigates the physiological changes that occur with disease and dysfunction, and the modifications to these changes with rehabilitation.

  • Rehabilitation studies focus on measurement of and interventions of impairments, disability, and health related quality of life.  In addition, specific studies will focus on one or more aspects of the lifelong process of adapting to disability or disease. 

What's New

Department of Education funds new research on health outcomes after spinal cord injury.
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