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Dr. Amy-Lee Bredlau

Dr. Amy-Lee BredlauAmy-Lee Bredlau, M.D.

Director of MUSC’s Pediatric Brain Tumor Program

Specialties: pediatric neuro-oncologist and early phase drug developer who specifically targets how she can improve the treatment and cure of pediatric brain tumors.

What I want people to understand is if, by some horrible, horrible chance, your child is diagnosed with a brain tumor, you’re not doing this alone.

As director of MUSC’s Pediatric Brain Tumor Program, Bredlau focuses on improving the wellbeing and survival of children with brain and spinal tumors. The program provides comprehensive, coordinated care through research, clinical care, and support services. As the only pediatric multi-disciplinary neuro-oncology clinic in South Carolina, the team works to improve quality of care and expand treatment options.

Another important component is research. The program’s clinical trials and experimental therapies aim to find the most up-to-date treatment plans. Bredlau also has worked closely with MUSC’s Jaqueline Kraveka, D.O., to participate in the Neuroblastoma Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium. The consortium is a group of 18 universities and children’s hospitals that offer a nationwide network of childhood cancer clinical trials. Praising the consortium, Bredlau said it fosters research from a group of closely collaborating investigators who are linked with laboratory programs developing novel therapies for high-risk neuroblastoma and medulloblastoma. She’s working on a molecular-guided therapy protocol for patients who have tumors that are coming back and regrowing instead of responding like they should.

The patients are her driving motivation.

“They are phenomenal, but they need more help,” she said of the need for more research and treatment options. “We don’t have enough to offer them. The tumor that bothers me the most that I think about the most – is uniformly fatal and kills everybody that has it. That’s not OK. There are too many smart people and too many good medicines out there to allow children to die.” 

MUSC’s program means families have a team of resources to fall back on to help navigate what can be a daunting medical maze of treatment, she said.

“We have some fabulous people on the team and we’re proud to offer this to the community and surrounding areas as well. What I want people to understand is if, by some horrible, horrible chance, your child is diagnosed with a brain tumor, you’re not doing this alone.”

For more information about the program, visit MUSC Pediatric Brain Tumor Program. Visit the following site, for more information on the pediatric hematology/oncology divisions.

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Amy-Lee Bredlau
Amy-Lee Bredlau, M.D.

Dr. Amy-Lee Bredlau talks about the Pediatric Brain Tumor Program at MUSC.

Dr. Bredlau's "Be Healthy with Dr. B" videos help students to live a healthy lifestyle.

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