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Office of Public Relations - Multimedia

Photo Galleries

  • 3-D Printing

    3-D printing
    MUSC 3-D printing
    can help surgeons and
  • 2015 Angel Tree

    2015 Angel Tree
    Celebrating 12 years
    of giving - 2015 MUSC
    Angel Tree Parade
  • Superheroes

    Mount Pleasant SWAT
    rappelled down the
    Children's Hospital.
  • Miracle Child

    Casey Honowitz
    Casey Honowitz made
    medical history when he
    was born.
  • No More Chemo

    Abigail Lee
    Abigail Lee gets some help
    from mascots celebrating
    her last day of chemo.
  • Celebration

    Shawn Jenkins
    The MUSC Shawn Jenkins
    Children's Hospital was
    named during a celebration.
  • Commencement 2015

    Commencement 2015
    The Medical University of
    South Carolina's 186th
    commencement ceremony.
  • Milk Bank

    Milk bank
    Mother's Milk Bank of
    South Carolina celebrates
    its grand opening.
  • Dental Clinic

    Dental Day
    MUSC PA and dental
    students checked children's
    teeth during a dental clinic.
  • Match Day

    Match Day
    MUSC Match day took
    place at Charleston Music
    Hall on March 20, 2015.
  • Darius Rucker Concert

    Darius Rucker
    Darius Rucker’s concert
    to raise money for MUSC
    Children's Hospital.
  • Dr. James B Edwards

    Dr. James Edwards
    Celebrating Dr. Edward's
    life: June 24, 1927 to
    December 26, 2014
  • 2014 Angel Tree

    Angel Tree Parade
    Celebrating 11 years
    of giving - 2014 MUSC
    Angel Tree Parade
  • Pectus Excavatum

    Pectus excavatum
    Dr. Andre Hebra performs
    a pectus excavatum on a
  • Lung Transplant

    Lung Transplant
    David Flurett received a
    double lung transplant
    at MUSC.
  • Bee Cause Project

    Bee Cause Project
    MUSC is supporting The
    Bee Cause Project and hosting
    a hive at the Urban Farm.
  • MUSC President

    Dr. David J. Cole
    The Medical University of
    South Carolina's 7th president,
    Dr. David J. Cole.
  • Commencement 2014

    The Medical University of
    South Carolina's 185th
    commencement ceremony.
  • Junior Doctors Of Health

    Junior Doctors of Health
    MUSC graduate students
    teach nutrition to Meeting
    Street Academy kindergartners.
  •  Migraine Surgery

    Migraine Surgery
    Denise Stout has a new
    lease on life after migraine
  •  Angel Tree Parade

    MUSC Angel Tree Parade
    Celebrating 10 years
    of giving - 2013 MUSC
    Angel Tree Parade
  • 10th Anniversary

    Holiday Parade
    MUSC Angel Tree Parade
    is having their 10th
    anniversary this year.
  • Cochlear Implant

    Cochlear Implant
    Dr. Ted Meyer implanted
    a new cochlear device in
    Mei Lin Kallman.
  • Cataract Surgery

    Cataract Surgery
    Dr. George Waring IV
    performs cataract removal
  • Health Clinic

    Health Clinic
    MUSC participated in
    the SC Mission 2013
    Lowcountry health clinic.
  • Telemedicine

    Dr. David McSwain
    talks about pediatric
    critical care telemedicine.
  • New Heart

    Heart Transplant
    Machale Bethea received
    a new heart in time to
    graduate from high school.
  • Commencement 2013

    The Medical University of
    South Carolina's 184th
    commencement ceremony.
  • Alcon Lasik

    Dr. Waring was the first in
    the country to use the new
    Alcon Wavelight suite for
    lasik eye surgery.
  • Telescopic Lens

    Dr. Charlene Grice
    performs a new tele-
    scopic lens implant
    at Storm Eye Institute
  • Berlin Heart

    Dr. Minoo Kavarana gave
    3-year-old Morgan Porter
    a new heart after being on
    the Berlin Heart for 9 months.

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