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Downloadable PDFs


The following MUSC News You Can Use package features downloaded pdfs to help your family jump-start its weight loss goals.

  • Teen Contract : This is a contract that can be signed by a teen and parents that sets out reasonable goals to achieve weight loss in a systematic way.
  • Top 10 Tips: These summarize the highlights of the top 10 ways to help a teen achieve weight loss goals.
  • Goal Record sheet: Track your progress with this worksheet that helps you set realistic goals and achieve them.
  • Conversation starter: Check out these tips for how to navigate having that conversaton with a child to support his or her efforts at weight loss.
  • See the story and videos on how to have that conversation with a teen (Part 1 and Part 2) here.

    Environmental Studies

Listing of Environmental Studies: Information on environmental studies at MUSC and how to participate.

NPR Your Day Podcasts


Be Healthy With Dr. B Moments

   Dr. Amy-Lee Bredlau

Docs-Adopt School Wellness Initiative


Junior Doctors of Health MUSC

Want a healthier family?

Print out these handouts to help your family be empowered to be healthier.

Use the activity calendars to track goals and inspire your kids to adopt healthier habits. Post the handouts on your refrigerator to re-enforce goals.

Activity Monthly Calendar (blank)

Activity Monthly Calendar (with goals)

Kids Activity Tracker (Fit Family Challenge)

MyPlate challenge

Tips to increase Fruits and Vegetables

Tips to increase whole grains

Water Tracker

Tips on limiting sugar-sweetened beverages

Tips for increasing physical activity

Recipe: Whole grain trail mix

Recipe: Pineapple-blueberry smoothie


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