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staph infection study

Research finds potential low-cost intervention to lower infection rates

A new study using MUSC employees as subjects strengthens MUSC’s cause in the fight to lower health care-associated infections with findings that suggest use of a nasal sanitizer may protect patients from staph germs.





College of Nursing BSN Program

Epilepsy center recognized on national level
The National Association of Epilepsy Centers has certified MUSC’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center as a level four facility, the highest level possible, for the sixth year in a row.


Dream Center

Neurology Clinic offers free health care
MUSC employees volunteer their time at the Dream Center Neurology Clinic in North Charleston once a month.  It offers free health care to to those who suffer from nervous system disorders but can’t afford to pay for treatment.


Dr. David Cole - MUSC

MUSC's president settles into new role
This feature profile explores the adventurous path surgeon David J. Cole took in rising to the role of MUSC's seventh president.


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Genomics is going to change everything. I’m doing things now that I never dreamed I could do when I was training to do this. And we are all having to continue to learn on the fly because it changes month to month and year to year.

Dr. Stephen Ethier - Director of MUSC’s Center for Genomic Medicine


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