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Know your number

Now that a study suggests blood pressure should be lower than previously thought, what should you do about it? An MUSC doctor involved with that research has some ideas.



Study finds fetal size linked to race, ethnicity
Researchers say some babies are being unnecessarily subjected to extra tests, hospitalization and early delivery. The reason: They're being misclassified as undersized.


Dr. Nancy DeMore

SmartState pays off for MUSC, SC economy
Dr. Nancy DeMore, above, is one of dozens of sought-after researchers attracted to MUSC by the SmartState Program.



Magnet nursing

Fighting health disparities on multiple fronts
Dr. Marvella Ford (above left) is part of a team from MUSC that's training the doctors and researchers of tomorrow while fighting the health disparities of today.


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Mental health crisis eased through MUSC telehealth

Space technology may lead to discoveries about Alzheimer's, stroke, schizophrenia

Remembering 'incredibly gifted clinician' who fought HIV, AIDS

MUSC-led study: Telehealth effective for mentally ill

Common cardiac valve disease gene identified for first time
by international team

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U.S. News names MUSC top SC hospital

MUSC housekeeping crew volunteered to clean up at Emanuel AME

[Copper] is always working, it requires no human intervention, no supervision, and it's acting continuously.

MUSC's Dr. Michael Schmidt, in a Washington Post article on the use of copper in hospitals


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