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Inside Out Project

Art sheds light on National Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month

The Turning Sickle Cell INSIDE OUT photographic project has been unveiled at the Medical University of South Carolina.



rachel darling (patient)

Striking balance after hip and knee replacement
Medication given after joint replacement surgery helps prevent one problem but can contribute to others. New research seeks answers about the right balance for patients.


Mental health gets big online boost 
Psychiatry is one of the faster-growing services in MUSC's telehealth program, giving more patients access to the mental health care they need.



3-D Printing

Future of growing human organs for transplant
A tour group representing members of Congress toured the Biofabrication Lab at MUSC, where researchers are laying the groundwork for one day growing human organs for transplant.


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by international team

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Couple celebrates anniversaries in ICU

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Kids Eat Free at MUSC offers summer meals to children

Protein in body can affect likelihood of addiction

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There's no doubt these [new hepatitis C drugs] are game changers.

Dr. Eric Meissner
MUSC infectious disease specialist


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