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Holiday spices

Holiday spices that may actually make you healthier
As we head into the holidays, a nutrition expert shows you which spices work well this time of year - and may benefit your body.


Dr. James Cray

ADHD drug may help  prevent "wasting away"
New research suggests a drug commonly used for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder may help prevent skeletal muscular atrophy, a condition that affects millions of chronically ill people.



Scott A. Sullivan

High-tech help for high-risk pregnancies
MUSC experts on high-risk pregnancy are making the most of a telemedicine program that has quadrupled in cost while cutting costs.





Drug delivery research for transplants wins big
Award-winning entrepreneurial team merges bioengineering with medicine to find a way to decrease rejection of transplanted organs and lower the debilitating side effects of transplant medications.


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Citalopram use linked to birth defects

MUSC researcher trying to help veterans use fewer pain pills

'Iron Man' revels in new look, enjoys benefits of pectus surgery

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Of the big three things that I need to make sure we invest in, analytics is definitely one, in addition to case management and population health.

Dr. Patrick Cawley -
Executive Director/CEO - MUSC Medical Center



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