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Application Instructions

Who can apply?

Any interested student who is in good academic standing may apply to the Raymond S. Greenberg Presidential Scholars Program. However, due to the demands of the program on students' time, we will not be accepting rising 4th year medical students.

Application Process (Applications due February 26, 2016 5pm EST)

A. Good Academic Standing

  • A cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher is desirable for application to the Scholars Program
  • January 2016 start BSN students may apply without a MUSC G.P.A. with Dean's Office Approval.
  • Students should not be on academic probation or have academic deficiencies

B. Essay of Interest

  • Students will submit an essay describing why they are interested in the Scholars Program and what unique experiences or qualities they would bring to the program.
  • Essays should not exceed one page (8.5 " x 11" with one inch margins, font at least 10 point)

C. Letter of Support

  • Submit a maximum of two letters of support on the PSP homepage via the Student Letters of Support link. One (1) of the two letters must be from a faculty member at your current university.
  • Letters should comment on the applicant's interest in the program, accomplishments and personal characteristics that support the application.

D. Transcript (unofficial acceptable; must be based on most recent Fall semester)

E. Curriculum Vitae or Resume: Not to exceed two pages

F. Student Letters of Support: Submit
Please collect these materials and proceed to application.
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