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Past Projects

DownloadCombating Childhood Obesity Through Exercise to Improve Child Health
DownloadImmigrant Health in South Carolina:
The Cost of Ignorance and Exploitation in a Volatile Political Climate
DownloadThe Future of Medicaid and its Perceived Impact at MUSC
DownloadMental Health Parity: Assessing the Current Climate in South Carolina
DownloadUnderstanding Legislation Related to Women’s Health and Cancer
DownloadHealth Care Disparities Among Charleston's Elderly
How Can We Bridge the Gap?
DownloadUnderstanding Barriers that Influence the Healthcare of South Carolina’s Poor
DownloadMinorities at Risk without Affordable Health Care in South Carolina
DownloadDisparities in the HIV/AIDS Population in the US and South Carolina
DownloadEliminating Rural Disparities: Systematic Approach to Health Care Delivery
DownloadIntimate Partner Violence in the Charleston Area
DownloadAssessment of Cancer Knowledge: Promoting Wellness and Prevention
An Educational Empowerment Model
DownloadNutrition and Obesity – Childhood Obesity
DownloadOral Health and Prevention in the State of South Carolina
DownloadEnhancement of Diabetes Prevention Awareness in Adolescents
DownloadEnd of Life Care
DownloadThe Social Determinants of Health through the Lens of Politics:
Smoke-Free Environments
DownloadPharmaceuticals in Drinking Water: An Analysis of the Problem in the Charleston Area and Finding a Solution Through Awareness
DownloadThe Barriers of Immigrant Health…¿Se habla Españ ol?
DownloadThe Impact of Violence on Health: Lessons Learned from North Charleston
DownloadEliminating Childhood Obesity in Inner-City Elementary School Children
DownloadIdentifying a New Food Distribution Center for a Supplemental Food Program
DownloadWellness Indicators in North Charleston, SC
DownloadImproving Diabetes Care Through the Discharge Process
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Dr. Breland

Hazel L. Breland, Ph.D., OTR/L
Assistant Professor
Co-Director, Presidential Scholars Program

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