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MUSC Nephrology Proteomics Laboratory

Renal Proteomics Links

Southeastern Kidney Disease Consortium

The Southeastern kidney disease consortium is a group of specialist and generalist physicians that  take care of patients with kidney disease. The group collects clinical data and fluid and tissue samples for analysis.

Urine Proteomic Website (UroProt)

This site is based at the NIDDK. It contains protocols for urinary exosome collection, storage and preparation and a link to an exosome protein database

Southern Acute Kidney Network (SAKInet)

The Southern Acute Kidney Injury Network is a group of physicians and scientists interested in improving the care of patients with  AKI. The group is made up of Nephrologists, Critical Care Physicians and Scientists.

Proteomics Interest Group

ProtIG is an NIH  Special Interest Group(SIG) that organizes seminars and workshops in relevant areas of proteomics. The site has an outstanding set of links to software, databases and other resources.

South Carolina Renal Disease Biomarkers SmartState Program

The center of excellence is a group of academic scientists interested in improving the lives of patients with kidney disease through discovery and use of biomarkers and testing and use of new therapies. It also is as the coordinating center for data and samples obtained through the SEKDC.

The Human Protein Atlas

High resolution images of expression and localization of proteins in a large variety of normal human tissues, cancer cells and cell lines.

NHLBI Proteomics Centers

Website for a consortium of 10 highly interactive, multi-disciplinary Proteomic Centers established by the NHLBI to enhance and develop innovative proteomic technologies and apply them to relevant biological questions

Human Kidney and Urine Proteome Project (HKUPP)

This international project was approved as an initiative project by the HUPO initiative committee. The organization focuses on improving and standardizing techniques

University of Louisville Core Proteome Lab

This site contains information about a proteomics training course at the U of L, proteome maps, links and information about the core lab.


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