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Welcome to Pharmaceutical Sciences

   Research training in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy at the Medical University of South Carolina encompasses the understanding of disease mechanisms and drug toxicity, and the design and development of pharmaceutical agents. Graduate students trained in Pharmaceutical Sciences bring the fundamentals of the physical and biological sciences to health-related research, and can pursue various exciting career options in academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, or government agencies upon completion of their degree. The job market for new Ph.D.s in Pharmaceutical Sciences is one of the best in the physical or biological sciences. The Department is committed to being a leader in the discipline and is entering a growth phase that will culminate in the hiring of eight new faculty members and complete remodeling of available lab space. 

   Research efforts in Pharmaceutical Sciences are focused in two areas, Bioorganic/Medicinal Chemistry and Toxicology, which are associated with broad-based research foci of the Medical University as a whole (Structural Biology, Pharmacology, etc.). Specific areas of research in Bioorganic/Medicinal Chemistry include identification of new drug targets; rational and computer-aided drug design, synthesis and analysis; development of novel delivery systems; drug metabolism; and bioorganic and molecular immunology. Faculty working primarily in this area include Beeson, Dix, Meier and Patrick. Research programs in Toxicology include mechanisms of drug-induced cell injury, death and regeneration; molecular and cellular toxicology; drug transport; nephrotoxicity; and neurotoxicity; with faculty including Beeson, Markowitz, Schnellmann, Sweet and Yu. 

   Other Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate faculty members include Bosso, Cheng, Hall and White who have research programs in pharmacokinetics, clinical pharmaceutics, chemotherapeutics and radiotherapeutics. 

   All MUSC graduate students complete a common first-year core curriculum, and then choose their research advisors and programs of study. During the first year, students can receive exposure to Pharmaceutical Sciences by doing laboratory rotations and/or taking an elective entitled Rational Drug Design, Pharmacogenomics, and Toxicology. Students choosing Pharmaceutical Sciences concentrate in either Medicinal Chemistry or Toxicology based on their choice of laboratories and complete the didactic part of their training during their second year in residence. 

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