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Addiction Sciences Faculty

Brett Froeliger, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Neurosciences
96 Jonathan Lucas Street
Charleston, SC 29425

(843) 792-6018 Phone

PhD: Southern Illinois University-Carbondale


Research/Clinical Interests:

Dr. Froeliger is a cognitive neuroscientist and the Director of the TRAIN Laboratory. The overarching goal of the TRAIN lab is to use cognitive and affective neuroscience research methods to investigate drug addiction - psychiatric comorbidities.  The TRAIN lab conducts studies that examine the neural mechanisms underlying addiction and relapse vulnerability, pharmacotherapies for treating the pathophysiology of addiction and mindfulness-based intervention that promote well-being.

Keywords:  nicotine, opioids, addiction treatment, neuroimaging

Updated List of Publications

Translational Research of Addiction and Integrative Neurosciences (TRAIN) Lab

Our Mission

To understand, prevent and treat alcohol, tobacco, and drug addiction through innovations and excellence in research, treatment, and education.