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Currently, there are over 30 multidisciplinary faculty members in the division with expertise ranging from pharmacology and psychology, to adult and child psychiatry. In addition, there are a number of affiliated faculty with substance abuse research expertise in other departments, other colleges at the university, or in other divisions in the Department of Psychiatry that are closely associated with the Addiction Sciences Division (ASD) faculty and attend ASD-related activities and programs. The faculty ranks are nearly equally divided among Instructor, Assistant, Associate, and Professor levels, demonstrating a strong pipeline of junior investigators, combined with significant senior leadership at the top levels.

Raymond F. Anton, MDSudie E. Back, PhD
Dr. Becker Howard C. Becker, PhD Sarah W. Book, MD
Kathleen T. Brady, MD, PhDMatthew J. Carpenter, PhD
Geoffrey P. Cheek, MSWDeborah Deas, MD, MPH
Julianne C. (Hellmuth) Flanagan, PhDKevin M. Gray, MD
William C. "Tripp" Griffin III, PhD

Karen J. Hartwell, MD

Louise F. Haynes, MSW

Bryan W. Heckman, PhD

Therese K. Killeen, PhD

Elisabeth L. Kryway, PA-C
Patricia K. Latham, PhDMarcelo F. Lopez, PhD
Viktoriya Magid, PhDRobert J. Malcolm, MD
W. Wood Marchant III, LISW-CPJenna L. McCauley, PhD
Erin A. McClure, PhDAimee L. McRae-Clark, PharmD
image of Dr. Miller

Peter M. Miller, PhD

Margaret M. "Megan"
Moran-Santa Maria, PhD
Karen Perlmutter, LISWJames J. Prisciandaro, PhD
Dr. RandallCarrie Randall, PhD
Interim Director
Patrick K. Randall, PhD
Elizabeth Santa Ana, PhDJoshua P. Smith, PhD
Susan C. Sonne, PharmDLindsay M. Squeglia, PhD
Suzanne E. Thomas, PhDBryan K. Tolliver, MD, PhD
Konstantin E. Voronin, MD, PhD  

Our Mission

To understand, prevent and treat alcohol, tobacco, and drug addiction through innovations and excellence in research, treatment, and education.