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Community & Public Safety Psychiatry Division

The Community and Public Safety Psychiatry Division (CPSPD) provides a variety of consulting, evaluation, and treatment services along with education and training in the areas listed below.

Forensic Psychiatry Program (FPP) – consulting services span the forensic field with expertise in civil and criminal case work such as competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, capacity to conform behavior, mitigation, risk assessment, impact of traumatic brain injury, malpractice, standards of care, child custody, termination of parental rights, guardianships, and conservatorships.

Progressive Professionals Program (PPP) – evaluation, treatment, and oversight for licensed and certified professionals working in the health care, legal/criminal justice, and transportation fields.

Sexual Behaviors Clinic and Lab (SBCL) – evaluation and treatment of human sexual behavior disorders and other problematic activities including paraphilic disorders, for general clinical, forensic, and research purposes.

Public Safety and Emergency Services Program (PSESP) – operational real-time and post-incident consultation support to law enforcement (crime scene investigators, crisis negotiators, SWAT, patrol services, and others), emergency management, fire, and rescue agencies and associated research efforts.

Community Clinical Services Center (CCSC) – outpatient setting mental health care on the MUSC campus and at community and institutional settings locally and around the state; research; medical student, residency, and fellowship education rotations; and general clinical telepsychiatry services to state agencies.

Education and Training Program – Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship; Postdoctoral Fellowship in Forensic Psychology; medical student, physician resident and fellow clinical, forensic and research electives; general psychiatry medication management clinic elective; social worker forensic field placement; criminal justice undergraduate internship elective.   

The CPSPD has at any given time a mix of private, state, and federally funded research projects focused on forensic, sexual behavior, law enforcement, general community-based psychiatry services, and other topics. 

Faculty in the CPSPD include professionals from multiple disciplines including physicians, psychologists (clinical, neurocognitive, and forensic), social workers, professional counselors, a plethysmography lab technician, and a polygraph examiner. 

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Community & Public Safety Psychiatry:

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29-C Leinbach Drive
Charleston, SC 29407
843-792-2254 (fax) 

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