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  • Dental Faculty Practice Clinic


  • Dental Faculty Practice Clinics


BRAIN Division Research

The BRAIN division has several different laboratories and associated independent researchers working on unique investigations into neuropharmacology.

Laboratory of Drug Disposition and Pharmacogenetics

PI: Dr. C. Lindsay DeVane, PharmD
Charles P. Darby Children's Research Institute, Room 405B

Sleep Molecular Laboratory

PI: Dr. Priyattam (Peter) Shiromani, PhD
Storm Eye Institute, Room 615

Odor-elicited Behavior in Psychiatry

PI: Dr. Bernadette Cortese, PhD
Institute of Psychiatry

Independent Research Faculty

Dr. Kelley Ann Holes-Lewis, MD
Institute of Psychiatry

Dr. Constance Guille, PhD
Institute of Psychiatry, 97 President Street

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