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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Cindy M. Schaeffer, PhD


        Cindy M. Schaeffer, PhD


Cindy M. Schaeffer, Ph.D., is a child-clinical psychologist and an Associate Professor with the Family Services Research Center in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Medical University of South Carolina. Her clinical and research interests focus on juvenile offending, substance abuse, child maltreatment, and family-based interventions. She is a developer of a treatment model called Multisystemic Therapy-Building Stronger Families (MST-BSF), designed to comprehensively address the needs of families involved in the child protective service system for the co-occurring problem of parental substance abuse and child maltreatment. Dr. Schaeffer is a Principal Investigator on a NIDA-funded randomized clinical trial of MST-BSF, currently in progress. Her other research projects include developing an ecologically-based intervention for youth at-risk for serious antisocial behavior that promotes relationships with prosocial (rather than antisocial) peers, and using technology to enhance ecological and behavioral interventions for youth and families. Dr. Schaeffer is the author of numerous scientific articles and one book entitled, Reinforcement-Based Treatment for Substance Use Disorders: A Comprehensive Behavioral Approach.

       At the completion of this session, the participant will be able to:

1.  To describe the evolution of behavioral interventions for substance use disorders in recent decades and summarize the
     empirical support for their effectiveness.
2.  To provide an overview of Reinforcement-Based Treatment (RBT), a comprehensive behavioral intervention for a range of 
     substance use disorders.
3.  To describe the key clinical components of RBT, including functional analysis, feedback, behavioral contracting, day planning, 
     graphing, vouchers, and case management interventions.


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