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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Maryann Davis, PhD


       MaryAnn Davis, PhD


Dr. Maryann Davis is an internationally recognized expert on services for transition age youth and young adults with serious mental health conditions. Her focus is on services that support the development of adult role functioning during the transition from adolescence to mature adulthood. She has examined conflicts between the developmental needs of this transitioning population and policies and practices at the federal, state, and local levels of health, human service and education agencies. She has studied service system supports and barriers to healthy development, the policies that shape those service patterns, and has worked with congress to develop legislation to better address the needs of this population. Dr. Davis’ work also emphasizes the development of evidence-based interventions that improve this population’s transition into adulthood, including facilitation of mental health treatment, and community based interventions for emerging adults with mental illness and justice system involvement. Dr. Davis is a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UMass Medical School, Director of the Learning and Working during Transition to Adulthood Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (Transitions RTC), and faculty member of the Center for Mental Health Services Research.

       At the completion of this session, the participant will be able to:

1.  Explain why existing services are not sufficient to address the needs of youth with serious mental health conditions transitioning
     into adulthood.

2.  Identify at least 3 ways in which youth at this stage of life are different from those that are older or younger.
3.  Identify major ways in which a family-based treatment was modified to better suit this age group.


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