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Jennifer Jones, MD
Hometown: Leawood, Kansas
Undergraduate: University of Kansas
Medical School: University of Kansas

Throughout the course of my third year of medical school, I was particularly drawn to patients with profound mental illness and also to the socioeconomically disadvantaged. I also found that these populations frequently had medical and psychiatric comorbidities, and it became apparent that what they really wanted in their doctor was a medical home that would address both their medical needs and their psychiatric care together. I also realized that I not only loved the physiology and approach of internal medicine, but also the problems and new horizons of psychiatry. During my externship at MUSC, I was surrounded by faculty and staff who were all deeply engaged in exploring these new frontiers, and who were also exceedingly committed to the best interests of their patients. I loved the ease with which the faculty brought their knowledge of biochemistry alive, seamlessly transitioning into clinical aspects of the underlying physiology. I also loved wandering in downtown Charleston in the evenings, with the relaxed and gracious city offering me rewards such as decadent dining, engaging nightlife, picturesque beaches, and abundant attractions to fill my spare time.

In my future, I hope to find ways to address the shortage of well-integrated psychiatric and primary care medical homes, and I have a particular emphasis in addiction psychiatry which is a common need. On a broader scale, I have done several projects previously which sought to improve the accessibility of community social services to the general public, and to better network individuals who seek to provide help. This work is something that I would like to expand on in the future.

Jay Glenn

Jay Glenn, MD

I grew up in Wallburg, NC (outside of Winston-Salem, NC).  I attended UNC-Chapel Hill for undergrad and am a Tar Heel born, Tar Heel Bred.  I attended WVU School of Medicine and did my clinical rotations in Charleston, WV.  My interest in med-psych stem from my clinical rotations there, where I saw Med-Psych attendings and residents illustrating versatility, superior knowledge in two specialties and a flawless integration of two programs.  The same is true at MUSC which reinforced my career path.  Furthermore, MUSC has offered opportunity in research and subspecialty experiences that are world-class. I currently am interested in delirium, addiction, consult-liaison services as well as the endless research possibilities.  In my spare time I enjoy the beach, downtown Charleston, SC and all it’s offerings as southern gem.


Sarah Oros, MD

I am originally from Columbus, Ohio. I went to undergrad at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio and moved across town for medical school at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine. In my free time I enjoy quilting, reading, hiking, cooking (and of course eating), and studying (just kidding). Some preliminary career interests include psychosomatic medicine and integrative outpatient care. 


Allison Smith, MD

I was born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia. I attended West Virginia University  (let’s go mountaineers!) for undergrad where I majored in biology and psychology , and then went on to graduate from WVU’s medical school.  I am very interested in helping underserved populations, and have particular interest in addiction and HIV patients.  I enjoy both inpatient and outpatient psych and medicine. I also love working in the academic environment and eventually would like to work with medical students and residents.  In my spare time I love going to the beach and relaxing, running and working out, playing volleyball, eating good food, and hanging out with family, friends, and  my 2 dogs. MUSC in Charleston has been a wonderful opportunity to get excellent experience in internal medicine and psychiatry, as well as offer many extracurricular activities.


Boris Kiselev, MD
PGY 2 
Undergraduate: College of William and Mary
Medical School: Virginia Tech Carillion School of Medicine

I was originally born in St. Petersburg, Russia. My family moved a lot growing up, before we finally settled in Northern Virginia, around DC. I studied Neuroscience at William and Mary, and went to medical school at the Virginia Tech Carillion School of Medicine in Roanoke VA. I became interested in Med/Psych after meeting several Med/Psych trained faculty at VTC and loving the idea of receiving training to help serve the most underserved patients who have complex comorbidity between medical and psychiatric illness. I also love neuroscience, and the connection between mind and body. In my spare time I enjoy working out / martial arts, water sports, going to the beach, exploring Charleston, hanging out with all our amazing co-residents, and reading. 


Mary Stoermann, DO

Cam Mateus, MD

Hometown: Bluffton, SC
Undergraduate: Wake Forest University
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina 

I am originally from Bogota, Colombia. I grew up half in NYC and half in southern SC. I have been exposed to many different cultures and lifestyles. Seeing how fellow immigrants struggle with the adjustments to a new place, I have become compelled to understand how psychosocial stresses predispose people to many future medical illnesses. I chose an internal-medicine psychiatry residency to become a physician who is dedicated to treat patients’ medical/psychiatric co-morbidities within their cultural context. My ideal future career would be an academic physician who teaches future generations of physicians to treat psychiatric and medical illnesses simultaneously in order to have more robust positive impacts on their patients’ health. My academic interests are in public/population health, cultural psychiatry, and integrated psychiatric-medical primary care. Internal Medicine-Psychiatry residency at MUSC is full of dually trained faculty and residents who value diversity and foster who we hope to become as physicians. Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time with my co-residents and friends by acting as tourists in our own city. I love trying new restaurants and writing reviews, or outdoor recreation such as bicycling, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, or being out on a boat. I frequently enjoy walking my dog through the historic streets and parks of Downtown Charleston.



Mike Norred, MD