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Christopher G. Pelic , M.D.
Program Director
          Angela N. Hays , M.D.
Associate Program Director

We would like to thank you for your interest in our combined training program in psychiatry and neurology. Although there are only a few similar training programs in the country, we offer a unique experience by which residents prepare for board certification to practice both psychiatry and neurology in just six years. About 60 years ago, psychiatry and neurology became separate medical specialties because of a push for a mind/body dichotomy. Mental illness was not thought to have a biologic or organic etiology. With innovations in the neurosciences, the disciplines of psychiatry and neurology are once again converging. Dual training may someday again become the norm.

Our program, while small, takes advantage of two exceptional and large departments. The general Psychiatry Training Program takes 12 residents per year, takes advantage of its own free standing psychiatric hospital, and has a brand new resident education center for training. Psychiatry offers fellowships in addiction medicine, child and adolescent, forensics, and geriatrics. The neurology training program offers a four year integrated residency, which includes an initial year in internal medicine. The neurology residency accepts four residents per year and has the advantage of all the resources of the Department of Neurosciences, which includes divisions of adult and pediatric neurology, neurosurgery,and basic research. We also offer fellowships in clinical neurophysiology, vascular neurology, neurointensive care, and movement disorders.

Having most clinical sites within walking distance and the fact that the coastal setting in historic Charleston are additional bonuses. We hope that you will take the opportunity to personally get to know us better and find out what a unique and special place MUSC is. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions at or