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NEW! Summer Research Opportunities


We have organized summer research opportunities for medical students and residents. Some opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students are also available. Individuals work side by side with experts in the field to gain exposure to cutting edge research techniques and interventions, explore a career in psychiatry, gain research experience or other valuable work experience.


The Medical Student Research Portal (MSRP) is intended to create and promote research opportunities for medical students and fill the void previously felt by those who searched for reliable projects. Click here for more information about Medical Student Research.

In addition to the programs listed below, individual faculty and post-doc mentors are also available. Click here for more information about MUSC's Faculty.
For general information, please contact Sudie Back, Ph.D.Sarah Book, M.D. or Jeff Cluver, M.D.  For specific information, see individual program descriptions, web sites, and contacts.

Drug Abuse Research Training (DART) Program, MUSC

  • Undergraduate, Graduate & Medical Students
>> more info
American Psychiatric Association (APA), Minority Research Training Opportunities in Psychiatry
  • Medical students
>> more info
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), Summer Medical Student Fellowship
  • Medical students
>> more info
AACAP's Jeanne Spurlock Minority Medical Student Clinical Fellowship
  • Minority medical students
>> more info
National Institutes on Health (NIH) Summer Internship Program
  • High school, college, graduate,  medical or dental students
>> more info
IES Brain Research Foundation
  • Medical Students
>> more info

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