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American Academy of Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)
Summer Medical Student Fellowship


American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Eligible students:

Medical students
Number of slots:Unspecified
Area of focus:Child/Adolescent Psychiatry (research or clinical)
Duration:12 weeks
Stipend amount:Up to $3,500 and 5 days at the annual AACAP meeting
Contact:AACAP Department of Research, Training & Education
(202) 587-9663
Application deadline:February 15th
Overview and Application Information:

The AACAP Summer Medical Student Fellowships offer a chance for medical students to explore a career in child and adolescent psychiatry, gain valuable work experience, and meet leaders in the child and adolescent psychiatry field. The fellowship opportunity provides up to $3,500 for 12 weeks of clinical or research training under a child and adolescent psychiatrist mentor. Participants are required to attend the AACAP Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL, October 22-October 27, 2013. (Complimentary registration and travel reimbursement for the Annual Meeting are included in addition to the fellowship stipend.)

Application information: 

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