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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Full Time Faculty

Dr. Ronald AciernoRonald E. Acierno, Ph.D.
National Crime Victims Research & Treatment Center/
Military Sciences

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Biographical Sketch
Dr. Acierno  is a Full Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) where he is Director of the Older Adult Crime Victims Clinic.  He is also a clinician, administrator and researcher at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center where he serves as Director of the PTSD Clinical Team.  Finally, he is Executive Director and Founder of the non-profit Veterans on Deck, an organization that uses sailing to impart socialization, teambuilding and personal growth in Veterans recovering from PTSD, substance use, and who have been victims of Military Sexual Trauma,  In addition to his clinical work with older adult crime victims and younger Veterans, Dr. Acierno has two related but distinct research foci: epidemiological studies of elder mistreatment and treatment outcome studies with victims of trauma, disaster, combat or loss.  He recently completed a National Institute of Justice grant to study Elder Mistreatment, is PI on a complementary National Institute on Aging elder mistreatment grant, PI on a Department of Defense grant to study an intervention for PTSD for active duty service personnel and veterans, PI on a VA MERIT grant to evaluate prolonged exposure for PTSD delivered in person vs. telemedicine, and PI on a State of South Carolina grant from the Department of Public Safety to train students in the health professions to assess and intervene in cases of interpersonal violence.  He is also Co-I on three additional grants, two of which are treatment outcome projects including a VA HSR&D funded project on Telemedicine (IIR-04-421-3). Thus Dr. Acierno thus mixes epidemiological research with treatment outcome research, and keeps close to the clinical world as a clinician-administrator for treatment programs serving both civilian and military traumatized populations.

Clinical and/or Research Expertise
PTSD, Telemedicine, Depression, Veteran, Elder Mistreatment, Abuse


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