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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Full Time Faculty

Dr. Karen Hartwell   Karen Hartwell, M.D.
   Associate Professor
   Addiction Sciences Division

   843-792-5215 phone
   843-792-3982 fax


Biographical Sketch
My research career has focused on understanding the underlying neurobiology and improving treatment outcomes of addictive disorders with an emphasis on nicotine dependence. I have extensive clinical experience as a general and addiction psychiatrist in the treatment of substance use disorders. I utilize fMRI to investigate cue reactivity in nicotine dependent smokers. I have been involved in multiple clinical trials, ranging from Phase 2 to Phase 4, investigating a variety of pharmacotherapeutic agents for the treatment of substance use disorders and have served as a co-investigator of several laboratory studies exploring the effects of stress on cue-reactivity. 

 Clinical and/or Research Expertise
smoking cessation, neuroimaging of cue-elicited craving, gender differences in substance use disorders, prescription opioid dependence

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