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Forensic Psychiatry Program

Forensic psychiatry is the field of medicine focused on the intersection of mental health and the legal system.  The MUSC Forensic Psychiatry program provides assessment and consulting services to criminal and civil legal entities, treats persons within the criminal justice system, operates the year-long forensic psychiatry fellowship training program, and conducts forensic research with current projects supported by federal grants, including faculty with a history of federal, state and private foundation funding support. Consulting services are across the forensic field with expertise in civil and criminal case work such as competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, capacity to conform behavior, mitigation, risk assessment, sexual offending assessment, traumatic brain injury, malpractice, standards of care, fitness-for-duty evaluations in the health care (physicians, nurses, etc) and criminal justice (law enforcement & attorneys) professions, child custody, guardianships, conservatorships, and stress management for public safety personnel. 

Gregg Dwyer, MD, EdD
Director, Forensic Psychiatry Program

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Forensic Psychiatry Program
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