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Brain Stimulation Intensive Course Reviews

Here are some quotes from doctors and cliniclans who attended the Spring 2014 Brain Stimulation intensive Course:

"The recent TMS was an intellectually stimulating experienced frame with the most wonderful group of people I have been around in quite some time. Dr. George is both brilliant and charming. The administrative support staff treated us as family and the scientific staff were clearly experienced and comfortable with their vast knowledge base. Cannot wait to come back." Bob

"It was the best educational experience since residency for me. Dr George is the rare combination of incredibly knowledgeable and very funny! I really enjoyed lectures on pain and neuroimaging and especially the hands on. I feel very fortunate to have had this experience. There were critical points such as the intertrain interval and techniques for finding motor threshold that I did not learn from the manufacturer's instructors. The tDCS information was also invaluable." Lane

Here are some quotes from doctors and clinicians who attended the Fall 2013 Brain Stimulation Intensive Course:

"Satisfying, enlightening, exceeded expectations, able to translate into clinical practice."

"What was the most helpful were the opportunities to meet with people, especially researchers, who had been doing TMS, and the hands-on practicums were very helpful as well."

"Truly, the rTMS course exceeded my expectations. I came away from the course with a core of knowledge that I could, with an appropriate level of confidence, translate into clinical practice. I found the key elements to be:
• A solid grounding in how the rTMS process works and how it was developed.
• An appreciation of alternate brain stimulation therapies. I anticipated that this information would be interesting, but underestimated how essential it turned out to be in my ability to formulate good responses to colleague and patient questions.
• An open-mindedness on the part of every presenter that made it both easy and worthwhile to ask questions.
• Adequate “hands-on” time with the rTMS equipment."

"I can’t think of any course topic that was inadequately covered, or an area that I could have done without. The presentations were well balanced in that they conveyed the “need to know” along with an appropriate amount of context."

"I really enjoyed the training and was grateful for the small size, the ability to ask lots of questions and the flexibility that Dr. George maintained in the curriculum. I wouldn’t change a thing. As for Charleston, what a lovely city!"


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