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Brain Stimulation Lab

Clinical Research

The Brain Stimulation Service

The Brain Stimulation Service is a consultation and brain stimulation treatment service for treatment refractory mood, thought, and anxiety disorders.  Our physicians offer a comprehensive evaluation and evidence-based brain stimulation treatment options, such as non-invasive transcranial magnetic stimulation, electroconvulsive therapy, and implantable therapies such as vagal nerve stimulation, deep brain stimulation, and epidural cortical stimulation.  The Brain Stimulation Service intersects with the Brain Stimulation Laboratory at MUSC offering some of the most advanced forms of brain stimulation for psychiatric disorders.

For more information on clinical brain stimulation at MUSC, please click here. To book a consultation or appointment, please call Tammie Brown at 843-792-5716.

List of Psychiatrists:

Baron Short, MD, MSCR, Medical Director of the Brain Stimulation Service

Mark George, MD, Director of the Brain Stimulation Lab, Division Director of the Brain Stimulation Service

Constance Guille, MD, MSCR, Director, Perinatal Psychiatry Clinic

James Fox, MD, Brain Stimulation Service Attending

Greg Sahlem, MD, Brain Stimulation Fellow

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