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Select a link below to learn more about the related program or service. After viewing our short program videos and reading about our programs below, if you would like to enroll, would like more information about our programs, or would like for us to schedule you for a FREE in-person consultation, please click here or call 843-792-CARE(2273). Also, per the IRS, you can most likely use your Medical Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, or Flexible Spending Accounts to pay for our programs. Click here for more details!

And talk about results, 99.5% of our patients from 2008 through 2010 rated our programs as better than other weight loss programs they’ve done!
(based on anonymously completed patient satisfaction surveys)

First Step
Available Downtown and Daniel Island
*We've had to temporarily suspend our Daniel Island services due to fire*

First Step is a 15-week lifestyle change program that offers weight loss assistance through individual weekly meetings. It is appropriate for people of all weight ranges. The program helps you make changes in activity level, eating practices, and other behaviors related to weight control. Individual meal plans and exercise plans are included at the outset. We emphasize lifestyle change, which means we're going to help you make healthy changes that you can actually sustain long after you complete the program, thus enabling you to maintain a healthier weight for the rest of your life. First Step promotes a significant yet gradual and long-lasting weight loss.

To see real-world results, meet Vicky, one of our former First Step patients.

Note: Prices are subject to change

Available Downtown and Daniel Island
*We've had to temporarily suspend our Daniel Island services due to fire*

The Focus program is a 15-week intensive lifestyle change program designed to induce larger initial weight losses than traditional lifestyle change programs (i.e., First Step). Patients attend brief individual appointments that rotate among the clinic sub-specialties (nutrition, exercise, behavioral). The early part of the program involves a diet that consists primarily of meal replacements (e.g., nutrition bars and shakes) and provides a highly structured dietary intervention. During the latter part of the program, the diet changes to a primarily food based meal plan and shifts towards more moderate weight loss. Individualized dietary and exercise planning is provided throughout the program. Our emphasis on lifestyle change means we're going to help you learn to make healthy changes that you can actually sustain long after you complete the program, thus enabling you to maintain a healthier weight for the rest of your life.

We now offer 23-week and 27-week versions of our Focus program, for those wanting to work with us a little longer.

To see real-world results, meet Gaye, Noah, Laurie, and Ernie, just a few of our former Focus patients.

Note: Prices are subject to change

Available Downtown

This 30-week program, designed for people who need to lose more than 50 pounds, combines medically supervised supplemented fasting with instructions in lifestyle change techniques to help you make the lifestyle changes necessary to maintain a healthier weight. The program has two phases: a highly structured supplemented fast, which is followed by a period of transition back onto food and learning to maintain a healthy food-based diet. During the initial stages of the program, participants consume approximately 800 calories per day, consisting primarily of nutrition shakes and bars. HealthFast offers a more rapid, but safe rate of weight loss for people with more weight to lose.

To see real-world results, meet Charlotte, one of our former HealthFast patients.

Note: Prices are subject to change

Lunchtime Losers
Available Downtown

Lunchtime Losers is a 10-wk lifestyle change program that, for your convenience, takes place over your lunch break (12:00-1:00). Lunchtime Losers is intended to teach you how to make healthy behavior changes that will promote healthy eating, healthy exercise, and weight loss... and ultimately, improved health. You meet weekly in a class format (for 45-60 mins/week) with one or more of the following professionals: a registered dietitian, psychologist, or exercise physiologist. We provide you with the dietary, exercise, and behavioral information that will help you be healthier, lose weight, and manage your weight over the long haul. Each participant is provided with tailored dietary guidance/instruction, help in developing appropriate exercise goals, and behavioral information on how to facilitate long-term healthy behavior change. Classes are highly interactive, including group discussion and demonstration.

Read about real-world results of our Lunchtime Losers program.

Note: Prices are subject to change

Available Downtown and Daniel Island
*We've had to temporarily suspend our Daniel Island services due to fire*

Patient Readiness and Education for Obesity surgery Program (PREOP) is a 6-month program designed to educate and prepare people who are considering weight loss surgery. This comprehensive program is physician-monitored and includes regular dietary, exercise, and psychological instruction and support. Additionally, most insurance companies require that people have participated in a physician-monitored weight loss program within the recent past. PREOP is designed to comprehensively prepare people to optimally succeed with weight loss surgery, and it also meets the above insurance requirement for most medical insurance companies.

Note: Prices are subject to change

Individual Services
In addition to our weight management package programs, we also offer individual services, so that patients may customize their weight management programs, and choose the specific services to suit their preferences. Available options include:

Nutrition Consultation:
A registered dietitian is available to meet on an individual basis for weight management, low-fat, low-cholesterol diets, low-sodium diets, diabetes meal planning and other nutrition-related concerns.

Medication Management:
Weight Management Center physicians can evaluate you for the latest FDA approved weight control medication and oversee your treatment.

Exercise Consultation:
Attend individual meetings with an exercise physiologist to develop or alter exercise routines. Also, patients of the Weight Management Center may access the Medical University Wellness Center (with membership fees).

Behavioral Instruction:
On an individual basis we can help you adopt necessary behavioral and cognitive changes and target problem areas that may impact your ability to lose weight and maintain weight loss.

Body Composition (percent body fat) Assessment:
Bioelectrical impedance is used to determine total body fat percentage and to make recommendations for improvement.

MedGem Assessment:
We measure your oxygen consumption to determine how many calories you can consume at rest to maintain current weight.

Research Programs

The Weight Management Center frequently participates in trials of medications being studied as possible weight loss aids.

Current research studies

To receive information on these trials when they are announced, e-mail or phone 792-2273 to be placed on our mailing list.

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