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Goals & Objectives

Goal 1

To produce interns who are prepared to achieve advanced levels of practice in clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Specifically, by the conclusion of internship, interns will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Objective 1a: Effectively utilize assessment procedures, including interview and other standardized assessment procedures appropriate to their clinical rotations.
  • Objective 1b: Monitor treatment efficacy using evidence-based methods.
  • Objective 1c: Forge therapeutic relationships and deliver evidence-based treatments with fidelity.
  • Objective 1d: Perform general clinical skills (e.g., dependability, time management, professionalism).

Goal 2

To produce interns who are ready to attain advanced levels of proficiency in conducting clinically relevant research. Specifically, by the conclusion of internship, interns will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Objective 2a: In collaboration with a faculty mentor, formulate research questions, conduct critical reviews of the scientific and/or clinical literature, select and apply appropriate research methods and statistical analyses, critically interpret findings, integrate findings with relevant literature, and adhere to APA ethical standards in the conduct of research.
  • Objective 2b: Analyze relevant data and produce an original research paper (involving either secondary analysis of existing data or original data collection) in a format and style suitable for submission to an appropriate professional journal.
  • Objective 2c:  Perform research activities with dependability, efficiency, and professionalism.

Goal 3

To produce interns who are prepared to engage in advanced clinical communication and documentation to facilitate multi-disciplinary relationships with other health professionals. Specifically, by the end of internship interns will demonstrate:

  • Objective 3a: The ability to make an effective and informative scholarly presentation of a clinical case (including a summary of relevant literature and assessment and intervention utilization) within the internship’s Clinical Case Conference.
  • Objective 3b: Effective communication and collaboration skills with psychologists and other health professionals within their training sites.
  • Objective 3c: Timely and accurate documentation of clinical service delivery within appropriate medical records (including electronic health records).

Goal 4

To produce interns who are prepared to incorporate into their professional practice an advanced understanding of the ways that cultural and individual differences can impact practice. Specifically, by the end of internship, interns will:

  • Objective 4.  Demonstrate clinical competence (e.g., establish rapport, maintain therapeutic relationships, and effectively deliver services) with typically underserved groups (which may include  economically disadvantaged, racial/ethnic minority, older adult, veteran, and trauma exposed patients).

Helpful Links

Charleston Consortium Brochure 2017-2018 (PDF)

American Psychological Association
Office of Program Consultation & Accreditation
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
202-336-5978 (fax)
APA website

APPIC Central Office
17225 El Camino Real
Onyx One - Suite #170
Houston, TX 77058-2748
832-284-4079 (fax)



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