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Mentor/Research Preceptors

Research preceptors are assigned by the Director of Research Training in consultation with the Psychology Education Committee. Interns’ preferences are taken into consideration in making these assignments. In addition, the wishes of potential preceptors are considered (e.g. time available, interest in a particular intern, a project for an intern to work on).

The chosen faculty member has two functions; first, to supervise the intern's research activities during internship, and second, to serve as the intern's mentor and advocate throughout the year. We view mentor/research preceptors as benevolent major professors who assist interns in their professional and personal development as scientist-practitioner psychologists-in-training. Progress on research plans are monitored through regular weekly meetings between the research preceptor and the intern. To facilitate research productivity, all interns are allowed 8 hours for research activities each week (typically two four-hour blocks). In addition, the research performance of interns and the quality of research training are evaluated by preceptors and interns on a semi-annual basis. As part of program planning, it is required that each intern develop a research plan in consultation with the preceptor at the beginning of the year. Progress towards these research goals are evaluated informally throughout the year and formally on a semi-annual basis.

The following section contains a list of potential mentors/research preceptors for the 2015 – 2016 (more detailed information regarding faculty members’ interests and curriculum vitae are available on the website). Most potential mentor/research preceptors are psychologists, and priority is given to psychologists in the selection process. However, several scholars from other disciplines are available. Determination of preceptors each year is based on having active, ongoing research programs, time availability, desire to serve as a mentor, etc.

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