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Stipend and Other Benefits

The current stipend for psychology interns (class of 2014 - 2015) is at least $23,470. Because interns are paid from several different sources, some stipends are slightly larger than the minimum. Some interns are funded by the VAMC, and they are paid according to the VAMC's federally-determined rate (which is currently $23,974).  The determination of intern funding source is determined after the match based on a number of factors. In addition to the stipend, the internship provides $500 in professional development funding that can be used to support travel to professional meetings. Professional development money is dependent upon the current fiscal status of the Department of Psychiatry, as well as other pertinent factors. A number of other fringe benefits are available to interns, including basic health insurance, annual, professional, and educational leave, an excellent library system, computer services, and membership to the state-of-the-art MUSC Wellness Center at the rate of $51 per month. Information about housing may be obtained at MUSC's Off-Campus Housing Office. 

Many international students assume that because our Consortium includes the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, they are not eligible to apply, or to complete rotations at the VA Medical Center. This is not correct. As noted above, intern stipends are paid from a variety of sources. Although international students cannot be paid via some funding sources (e.g., VA stipends, National Institute of Health training grants), they are eligible to be paid by other sources. Furthermore, we impose no restrictions regarding the completion of individual rotations at VA training sites. We welcome applications from research-oriented potential interns across the spectrum of diversity


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