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Daniel F. Gros, Ph.D.
[CBT Clinic for Emotional Disorders rotation (VAMC)]

Dr. Gros completed his Honors B.S. in psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University and his M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the University at Buffalo. He completed his clinical psychology internship at the Charleston Consortium (MUSC/VAMC). Dr. Gros currently is director and clinical supervisor for CBT Clinic for Emotional Disorders rotation at the Ralph H. Johnson (RHJ) VAMC and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at MUSC.

Clinical and Research Interests:

  • Transdiagnostic assessments and psychosocial treatments for the emotional disorders (depression and anxiety)
  • Dimensional and hybrid models of psychopathology
  • Using telehealth technologies for dissemination and implementation of evidence-based psychotherapy
  • Understanding diagnostic comorbidity between emotional disorders and related conditions
Awards and Honors:
  • Outstanding Supervision Award (2010-2011). Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Medical University of South Carolina.
  • College Fellowship (2002-2006). College of Arts and Sciences, University at Buffalo
  • Outstanding Senior. (2001). Psychology Department, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • University Leadership and University Service Awards. (2000). Virginia Commonwealth University
Select Publications:
  • Gros, D.F.  Antony, M.M., McCabe, R.E., & Lydiard, R.B. (In Press). Effects of cognitive behavioral therapy for panic disorder on gastrointestinal distress in patients with comorbid panic disorder and irritable bowel syndrome. Depression and Anxiety".
  • Strachan, M.K., Gros, D.F., Ruggiero, K.J., Lejuez, C.W., & Acierno, R. (In Press). An integrated approach to delivering exposure-based treatment for symptoms of PTSD and depression in OIF/OEF Veterans: Preliminary findings. Behavior Therapy.
  • Gros, D.F., Frueh, B.C., & Magruder, K.M. (2011).  Prevalence and features of panic disorder and comparison to posttraumatic stress disorder in VA primary care. General Hospital Psychiatry, 33, 482-488.
  • Gros, D.F., & Haren, W.B. (2011). Open trial of brief behavioral activation psychotherapy for depression in an integrated VA primary care setting. Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders, 13.
  • Gros, D.F., Veronee, K., Strachan, M., Ruggiero, K.J., & Acierno, R. (2011). Managing suicidality in home-based telehealth. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 17, 332-335.
  • Gros, D.F., Yoder, M., Tuerk, P.W., Lozano, B.E., & Acierno, R. (2011). Exposure therapy for PTSD delivered to veterans via telehealth: Predictors of treatment completion and outcome. Behavior Therapy, 42, 276-283.
  • Gros, D.F., Simms, L.J., & Antony, M.M. (2011). A hybrid model of social phobia: An analysis of social anxiety and related symptoms of anxiety. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 67, 293-307.
  • Gros, D.F., Strachan, M., Ruggiero, K.J., Knapp, R.G., Frueh, B.C., Egede, L.E., . . . Acierno, R. (2011). "Innovative service delivery for secondary prevention of PTSD in at-risk OIF-OEF service men and women. Contemporary Clinical Trials, 32, 122-128.
  • Gros, D.F., Simms, L.J., & Acierno, R. (2010). Specificity of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms: An investigation of comorbidity between PTSD and depression in treatment-seeking Veterans. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 198, 885-890.
  • Gros, D.F., Stauffacher Gros, K., & Simms, L.J. (2010). Relations between anxiety symptoms and relational aggression and victimization in emerging adults. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 34, 134-143.
  • Tuerk, P.J., Yoder, M., Ruggiero, K.J., Gros, D.F., & Acierno, R. (2010). Open trial of prolonged exposure for posttraumatic stress disorder delivered via telehealth technology. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 23, 116-123.
  • Gros, D.F., Antony, M.M., McCabe, R.E., & Swinson, R.P. (2009). The frequency and severity of the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome across the anxiety disorders and depression. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 23, 290-296.
  • Simms, L.J., Gros, D.F., Watson, D., & O’Hara, M.W. (2008). Bi-factor analyses of the Iowa Depression and Anxiety Scales: Evidence supporting a hierarchical model of depression and anxiety. Depression and Anxiety, 25, E34-E46.
  • Gros, D.F., Antony, M.M., Simms, L.J., & McCabe, R.E. (2007). Psychometric properties of the State-Trait Inventory for Cognitive and Somatic Anxiety (STICSA): Comparison to the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI). Psychological Assessment, 19, 369-381.
  • Gros, D.F., & Antony, M.M. (2006). The assessment and treatment of specific phobias: A review. Current Psychiatry Reports, 8, 298-303.
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