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MUSC pilot program shows success in treating opioid users

Research demonstrates medication-assisted treatment works, yet few have adopted it.

Research Highlights

Researchers zero in on potential Achilles heel for breast cancer cells

Their work focuses on the breast tissue tumor suppressor PTEN.

Addiction researchers study proteins in the brain to find ways to overcome relapse

One common protein, BDNF, is a small protein with a big job.

Program offers invaluable firsthand research experience for students

Summer research program ignites passion in undergraduates from across the U.S.

Featured Researcher:  MUSC College of Medicine

Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery recognizes MUSC's Top-Notch Researchers

Dr. Aquilla Turk, a professor in the departments of neurosurgery and radiology, was honored for having the most cited article in the history of the Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery, at the society’s 2018 national meeting.  In addition to Turk, Raymond D. Turner, M.D., Mohammad Chaudry, M.D., and Alejandro M. Spiotta, M.D., are also among its most highly cited authors.

Aquilla S. Turk, D.O.
Associate Professor, Departments of Radiology and Neurosurgery and Director of Neurointerventional Surgery

Research Events Calendar

Science Café

MUSC Science Café invites you to learn about science and technology in a fun, comfortable environment.
Date:    August 22, 2018
Time:    5:30 p.m.
             480 King Street
             Charleston, SC 29403

body moving
Marijuana medicalization and legalization are polarizing topics.

Join us at the Science Café to from MUSC physician-scientist Dr. Kevin Gray, and discuss how marijuana’s ingredients affect the brain, with a range of potential benefits and harms.

Kevin Gray, M.D.
Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, College of Medicine 

In the News

Why were MUSC researchers giving rats cocaine? For science, of course (08/09/18)

Cocaine relapse is reversed with BDNF microinjections in the brain (08/04/18)

Breast tissue tumor suppressor PTEN: A potential Achilles heel for breast cancer cells (08/01/18)

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