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New gene therapy a potential cure for sickle cell disease

A new gene therapy is bringing hope to patients suffering from sickle cell disease.

Large, innovative autism project sparks hope for better treatments

Enrolling 50,000 people nationwide, this innovative genetic study will take autism research to a new level.

Research Highlights

Drs. Kamen and Silver

Rheumatology foundation funds 25 opportunities at MUSC

Dr. Diane Kamen and Dr. Rick Silver say thanks to the Rheumatology Research Foundation for funds to support rheumatology training for students, residents and faculty.
Dr. Kristi Helke

Antibiotic use study shows need for more farm-to-fork research

MUSC researchers study evidence of a relationship between antibiotic use in agricultural animals and drug-resistant foodborne salmonella infections in humans.

Researcher alert to finding a cure for sleep disorders

Dr. Meng Liu has been awarded three new NIH grants, totaling more than $2 million, to develop a cure for narcolepsy.

Featured Researcher:  MUSC College of Medicine

Dr. Stephen Duncan

Stem cell drug screen yields potential alternative to statins

A novel drug screen in liver-like cells shows that cardiac glycosides, which are found in the leaves of the digitalis or foxglove plant, could reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol differently than statins, potentially providing a new treatment for patients. Dr. Stephen A. Duncan specializes in finding new tricks for old drugs “The nice thing about finding new uses for drugs already on the market is that they can be used relatively quickly in patients because most of the needed safety trials have already been completed.”

Stephen A. Duncan, D.Phil.
SmartState Chair in Regenerative Medicine
Professor and Chair, Department of Regenerative Medicine, MUSC


Research Events Calendar

Science Café

MUSC Science Café invites you to learn about science and technology in a fun, comfortable environment.
Date:    May 23, 2017
Time:    5:30 p.m.
             480 King Street
             Charleston, SC 29403

Dr. Michael Schmidt
Dr. Michael G. Schmidt, discusses microbes and how we exist together.

Join us at the Science Café  as Dr. Michael Schmidt explores how our microbiome affects our lives, whether it be making us sick, keeping us well or even making us crave that piece of chocolate.

In the News


MUSC researchers 3D print model of intracranial artery to standardize vessel-wall MRI scans (4/19/17)

MUSC is a clinical partner in groundbreaking autism research (4/13/17)

Tobacco leaders call for immediate action to curb smoking in the U.S. (3/21/17)

Sound Pharmaceuticals announces $1.6 Million Award from Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics to prevent and treat the hearing loss and tinnitus associated with antibiotic use (3/21/17)

A novel protein regulates cancer immunity and could offer a therapeutic target (3/13/17)

Cardiac resynchronization therapy may be cost effective in patients with mild heart failure (3/2/17)

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