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A molecule that balances the gut immune system

Dr. Bei Liu says knowing what may cause inflammatory bowel disease could lead to new treatments.

Changing What’s Possible in Research at MUSC

It’s all about serving the community and accelerating the process of getting scientific discoveries translated to the patient's bedside.

Research Highlights

Dr. Chrystal Paulos

Researcher explores T cell immunotherapies for cancer

Dr. Chrystal Paulos focuses on developing novel T cell immunotherapies for patients with advanced cancer.

Life after opioid addiction: The road ahead inspires filmmaker

Cull's journey to recovery took him across Canada, with some amazing stops along the way to fulfill his dreams.

Implant offers new treatment for opioid dependence

Dr. Sarah Book likes the fact that the implant means patients don't have to remember to take a pill.

Featured Researcher:  MUSC College of Medicine

Dr. Peter Kalivas

Restoring Choice

Addiction robs its victims of free will, leaving compulsion in its place. Dr. Peter W. Kalivas has spent two decades elucidating the biological mechanisms underlying that compulsion and identifying a means to restore choice. 

Peter W. Kalivas, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Neuroscience (Research), Medical University of South Carolina


Research Events Calendar

Science Café

MUSC Science Café invites you to learn about science and technology in a fun, comfortable environment.
Date:    July 18, 2017
Time:    5:30 p.m.
             480 King Street
             Charleston, SC 29403

The Immunology Dream team, Dr. Zihai Li, Jeff Hammerbacher, Dr. Chrystal Paulos, Dr. Mark Rubinstein and Dr. John Wrangle discuss immunotherapy and how it has revolutionized cancer care.

Join us at the Science Café as we share our stories and dreams in re-writing this chapter of cancer medicine.

In the News

A Link Between Bipolar Disorder & Alcohol Dependence (07/17)


Majority of Opioid Scripts Go to Patients with Mental Health Disorders (6/26/17)


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