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Dr. Raymond DuBois with Katie Couric

Dean stands up to cancer through advocacy, research efforts

Dr. Raymond DuBois is well known as dean of the College of Medicine at MUSC, but not everyone knows the strong advocacy work he does in the fight against cancer.

Removing barriers to early intervention for autistic children

Dr. Jane Charles says early intervention can make a big difference in the life of a child with autism spectrum disorder.

Research Highlights

Researcher uses social networking, AI to fight cancer

Dr. Brandon Welch hopes to use social networking and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the way doctors collect family health histories to assess risks for cancer and other diseases.
Dr. Eric Bartee

Using a rabbit virus to treat multiple myeloma

Dr. Eric Bartee is the first author on a Molecular Therapy - Oncolytics journal article about using myxoma virus to kill blood cancer in preclinical studies.

Researcher identifies brain circuit that helps smokers quit

Dr. Brett Froeliger says his team's research may help scientists understand why some smokers have a harder time quitting than others.

Featured Researcher:  MUSC College of Medicine

Dr. Janech
“There’s this gap in the knowledge about genes and the proteins they make. We are missing a huge piece of the puzzle in how these animals do what they do. Genes carry the information of life. But proteins execute the functions,” said Janech in this research story featured on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s website. Janech’s group has been researching vani-1 and has identified numerous other potential biomedical applications for the dolphin genome just created by NIST.

Upcoming MUSC Research Events

Science Café

MUSC Science Café invites you to learn about science and technology in a fun, comfortable environment.
Date:    March 29, 2017
Time:    5:30 p.m.
             480 King Street
             Charleston, SC 29403

Dr. Matthew Carpenter talks about the growth of e-cigarette use.

Join us at the Science Café  as Dr. Matthew Carpenter sorts out fact from fiction on both sides of the debate on the use of e-cigarettes.

In the News


Tobacco leaders call for immediate action to curb smoking in the U.S. (3/21/17)

Sound Pharmaceuticals announces $1.6 Million Award from Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics to prevent and treat the hearing loss and tinnitus associated with antibiotic use (3/21/17)

A novel protein regulates cancer immunity and could offer a therapeutic target (3/13/17)

Cardiac resynchronization therapy may be cost effective in patients with mild heart failure (3/2/17)

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