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Gene Function Core (GFC)

MUSC Transgenic and Genome Editing (TGE) Core Gene Function Core


The primary objective of the MUSC Transgenic and Genome Editing (TGE) Core is to provide the physical and intellectual resources for generating genetically engineered mice and rats. In addition to making conventional transgenic mice and rats by pronuclear injection of transgene constructs into single-cell embryos, this core employs cutting edge CRISPR/Cas-mediated genome editing technology for targeted mutations of different kinds directly in zygotes (standard knock-outs, knock-ins, single nucleotide exchanges, generation of LoxP-flanked conditional mutant alleles, large-scale deletions, etc.).

For internal users please see the list of services and fees, external users should contact the director.

Contact Information

Director: Alexander Awgulewitsch, Ph.D., Associate Professor Department of Rheumatology (


Publication Acknowledgement

Any publication that used the resources of the Gene Function Core should contain the following wording in the acknowledgments section, “The Gene Function Core facility used for this work is supported by the Office of the Vice President for Research at the Medical University of South Carolina".


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