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Doing Research at MUSC

Governor's Award Instructions

The Office of the Associate Provost for Research is currently accepting nominations for the 2013 Governor's Award for Excellence in Science.
There are three categories for nominations:
· Governor’s Award for Excellence in Scientific Research (ESR)
· Governor’s Award for Excellence in Scientific Awareness (ESA)
· Young Researcher Award for Excellence in Scientific Research (YESR)
Please consider submitting nominations of candidates along with supporting materials as noted below.  The nominations should be forwarded to: Ms. Robin Hanckel, Office of the Associate Provost for Research, Colcock Hall, 179 Ashley Avenue, MSC 002, or by email to, no later than Monday, November 26, 2012.

PLEASE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: (note forms should be sent to the above address)

1. Nomination Letter no more than 1.5 pages (This is NOT a case statement). No more than six typed pages are to be used for nomination items 2-5, below. This material, and the letters of recommendation, will be distributed to the Selection Committee at least two weeks prior to the meeting.

2. A case statement (NOTthe same as the letter of nomination) summarizing the achievements on which the nomination is based, specifying the significance of particular contributions to the field of science and to South Carolina. If the nomination is made for the award for Scientific Awareness, be sure to emphasize the candidate's contribution to all educational aspects of science in South Carolina.

3. A biographical sketch of the nominee, including positions held, grants, honors and awards received.

4. A list of the nominee's most significant publications or patents.

5. Supporting references: Name, title, address and telephone number of at least two professional colleagues outside the institution or company of the nominee who have agreed to provide letters of recommendation in support of the nomination. Letters of recommendation should be solicited by the person making the nomination.

Supporting exhibits (such as full-size CV, copies of relevant publications, books, or other material) may also be submitted and will be available to the Selection Committee a few hours prior to the selection meeting.

Name, Title, Address, Telephone Number, and Email of Person Making the Nomination:

Winners will need to be present at the SC Academy of Science Annual Meeting at Benedict College, Columbia, SC, on April 13, 2013.

In addition, winners will need to meet with the Governor at a later date in the spring or early summer for the official presentation by the Governor.

The winner of the Excellence in Scientific Research Award is expected to help coordinate the Governor's Award Special Issue of the Journal of the South Carolina Academy of Science.

The Governor's Award Committee tentatively will meet in late January, 2013.


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