Office of Research Integrity

Training Protocols


Training protocols are a very important part of our institutional mission. They serve to teach new techniques, prepare faculty and staff for their duties within the animal laboratories, and provide irreplaceable experience to health care providers. These protocols are distinct from experimental protocols in that there is no scientific question at issue. Rather, they represent a service intended to benefit human healthcare or laboratory animal research.

For these reasons, this type of protocol warrants special consideration by the IACUC.


A training protocol will be defined as a protocol with the primary purpose of teaching specific skills to people who may or may not be students, faculty or staff of MUSC. No experimental aims may be included as part of a training protocol, and all procedures to be performed must be part of a single non-survival surgery session. Training protocols may be approved for a maximum of three years. (09/11)

Experimental protocols which include training components with the sole purpose of teaching protocol personnel how to perform procedures approved on the protocol will not be considered training protocols.