Office of Research Integrity

Animal Core Facilities

Core protocols allow access to specialized equipment, services, and/or procedures on a centralized basis, to the benefit of the greater research community. The use of these cores in animal research touches on issues of ownership and responsibility for the proper care and use of the animals at all times. To ensure consistency and adherence to applicable rules and regulations, the following guidelines are to be used in the establishment and use of animal core facilities at MUSC. All core details will be provided by the core PI to the IACUC in the Core Facility Information Sheet, which will be made available on the IACUC website to assist requesting PIs with the completion of their protocols.

Animal Core Policy | Available Animal Cores | Animal Cores FAQ

Core Facility PI Responsibilities

  1. Ensure that all procedures to be offered as core services are included in approved core protocol and that personnel lists are kept updated at all times.
  2. Complete Core Facility Information Sheet to be provided to PIs for protocol submission.
  3. Clearly explain responsible party/ownership of animals and transfer procedures/timelines (if applicable).
  4. Obtain or review copy of core user’s approved protocol prior to handling any animals under core.
  5. Maintain a log with core user's name, user's AR#, number of animals handled under the core, and date(s) of service and/or transfer.
  6. Core PI will be responsible for the conduct of all core procedures, and personnel handling animals during the core procedures.

Core User Responsibilities

  1. Include all applicable core information in requesting protocol:
    1. Core AR#;
    2. Core PI name;
    3. List of specific services to be provided by core;
    4. Details on any variables applicable to specific protocol (i.e. target gene for transgenics to be created by transgenics core, cell line to be used by xenograft core, etc.).
  2. Obtain IACUC approval prior to utilizing any cores and provide a copy of approval and narrative to Core PI for oversight purposes.
  3. Request clarification at any point to ensure that all components of core use are fully understood.
  4. Core user will be responsible for the conduct of all non-core procedures, and personnel handling animals during all non-core procedures.


  1. Animals which originate in a core and are subsequently distributed to core users for the duration of experimental use begin on the core protocol and are then transferred to the user’s protocol.
  2. Animals originating on the user’s protocol and subsequently treated under a core, even if such treatment requires a permanent physical location change, remain on the user’s protocol. (12/09)

Available Animal Core Facilities

Core Information Sheets are available in PDF format to assist you with completing your application. If you are looking for a core which is not yet listed, please contact the IACUC office for assistance.

To add use of a core facility to your protocol:

  1. Review the appropriate Core Facility Information Sheet (CFIS) below.
  2. Discuss use of the core with the designated core contact (CFIS q. 11).
  3. Add core service/procedure as listed (CFIS q. 6).
    • example: Animals will be imaged using Micro-CT under standard anesthetic by Dr. Broome's Imaging Core, AR#2754.
  4. Specify any user-dependent variables if indicated (CFIS q. 7).
    • example: Animals will undergo cell transplantation under Dr. Spyropoulos' Xenograft Core, AR#2886, with the HCC456 cell line.
Core TitlePIAR#
MUSC Transgenic Mouse Core FacilityAwgulewitsch1908
Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibody Production ServiceZhang1642
Xenograft Core FacilitySpyropoulis2886
Mouse Models of Cardiovascular Disease (including echo/US)Mukherjee3030
Oral Preclinical Research FacilityYu2994
CBI - MicroCT/PET Bioluminescence/Fluorescence CoreBroome2754
Mouse Model of Ethanol Dependence and RelapseBecker2912
SC COBRE in Lipidomics and Pathobiology Animal Pathobiology CoreArgraves2538
Determinants of Dopamine Neuron Function in Aging Animal CoreHelke2244
MUSC Gnotobiotic Animal Research CoreWestwater2298
Neurobiology of Addiction Research CenterReichel2927
CBI-Magnetic Resonance Imaging Core for Small Animal ImagingHelpern3130
Gene Targeting/Knockout Rodent FacilitySpyropoulos1627