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Office of Research Integrity

Occupational Health

The Medical University of South Carolina provides comprehensive monitoring and training opportunities to protect the health and well-being of all faculty, staff and students working with laboratory animals in animal research.

As part of MUSC's Occupational Health Program, all students*, faculty and staff working with research animals are offered participation in this health program on an annual basis. The Principal Investigator is responsible for maintaining an annual record of each lab member's participation or decision to decline participation in this program.

*If you have students who wish to participate:

Student must complete applicable CITI modules prior to requesting appointment.

PI or lab manager must provide the student's name and NetID to one of the following designated contacts:

(Primary) Noah Muha, , BS, LATg, ILAM
DLAR Compliance Supervisor
(843) 754-6345 (cell)

Russell Cox, LATg, BS
DLAR Administrative Manager
(843) 876-5208

Cyndi Rosenblatt, MPA, CPIA
IACUC Program Manager
(843) 792-0021

Designated contact will notify Employee Health Services (EHS) and schedule appointment.

If appointment must be rescheduled, PI, lab manager or student will make secondary contact with EHS at 792-2991.

Procedure for annual assessments are the same as initial assessments.

Additional Occupational Health Resources:

Employee Health Services

MUSC Occupational Health Program For All Personnel Working with Laboratory Animals in Animal Research Form (PDF)

University Risk Management Office

University of Minnesota Research Animal Resources Occupational Health and Safety - detailed information on specific concerns related to safely working with lab animals