Office of Research Integrity

Review Process & Timelines

Initial, 3-Year Renewal & major Amendments (including Change in PI)
Change in Personnel, Change in Location, Change in Strain

Initial, 3-Year Renewal and major amendment submissions are all handled similarly upon receipt, and can take less than 10 days to receive approval, depending on submission date, response times and completion of any revisions required.

  1. All files received by Monday afternoon are sent out for initial review by the entire IACUC, with the exception of the meeting week.
  2. Reviewers are given until the following Monday to complete the review and make initial comments or request Full Committee Review at a convened meeting.
  3. Any comments received are sent to the PI for a response.
  4. Designated Review:
    1. PI response is forwarded to the designated reviewers for approval or additional comments.
    2. The Designated Review cycle is repeated as necessary until the designated reviewers agree that all concerns have been adequately addressed.
    3. If no comments are received, and no request for Full Committee Review is made, the designated reviewers are asked for final approval.
  5. Full Committee Review:
    1. Any protocol or amendment may be deferred to Full Committee Review by any IACUC member upon request.
    2. Some types of procedures or conditions result in an automatic deferral to Full Committee Review:
      1. Multiple Survival Surgeries;
      2. Prolonged Restraint;
      3. Housing Outside DLAR (24 hours or longer);
      4. Non-AVMA-Recommended Euthanasia Methods;
      5. Unrelieved Pain or Distress (Category E); or
      6. Death as an Endpoint (precluded if euthanasia criteria are specified).
    3. PI response is forwarded to Committee for additional comments as applicable.
    4. Protocol with any revisions is presented at convened meeting for Full Committee discussion and vote.
    5. Full Committee decisions:
      1. Approval may be granted as submitted or as revised;
      2. Approval may be granted with specific provisions (examples might be that only a limited number of animals will be approved initially, or that regular reports to the IACUC are required);
      3. Protocol may be deferred to Designated Review via unanimous vote;
      4. Protocol may be tabled for review at a future meeting; or
      5. Protocol may be disapproved.
  6. Approval is released after final administrative review.

Minor amendments, including Change in Personnel, Change in Location and Change in Strain, are handled administratively by a designated member of the IACUC, typically either the Attending Veterinarian or the IACUC Chair. Approvals typically take less than one week, and urgent approvals may be requested in special circumstances.

  1. All submissions are sent for review and approval once each week, between Tuesday and Thursday.
  2. Any comments are forwarded to the PI for response. Please note that a Change in Location may require an IACUC inspection prior to approval.
  3. Form is signed by the designated IACUC member.
  4. Approval is released upon receipt of signed form.