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Office of Research Integrity

IBC Education & Training

OSHA (CATTS) Online training

This training is required for for all MUSC employees, whether or not working with recombinant DNA, microorganisms, or biological toxins.

  • Go to  (NetID required)
  • Complete (if not already done so) the following 4 modules:
    • Blood borne Pathogens
    • Fire ans Life Safety Training
    • Hazard Communication
    • Personal Protective Equipment

MUSC Biosafety training modules


  • Install iTunes on your computer (if you don't have it already installed)
  • Go to
  • Log in with your NetID
  • Then come back here and click on this hyperlink: Biosafety Modules
  • Training consists of the following Units/Modules: 

Introduction to Biosafety Training at MUSC (3:18 min)

Unit 1: The role and responsibilities of the PI with respect to Biosafety and Animals at MUSC. (6:19 min)

Unit 2: Principles of Biosafety as they relate to the safe conduct of science requiring the use of biohazardous materials at MUSC. (16:31 min)

Unit 3: How to determine the relative biosafety risk associated with a planned experiment.

Unit 4: Specific Requirements for Biosafety Levels 1 to 3: PPE, Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) and the risks associated with centrifugation.

Unit 5:Biohazardous Spills

Unit 6:Requirements for the biannual inspection

Unit 7: Working with Biohazardous materials: The role of the PI in informing the laboratorian(s) of potential hazards in the workplace.

Unit 8: Risk Assessment of viral vectors

Unit 9: Risk Assessment of Adenoviral vectors

Unit 10: Risk Assessment of Retroviral vectors

Unit 11: Risk Assessment of Biological Toxins

MUSC Biosafety Officer (BSO) Training Materials

Office of Risk Management/Biosafety

Other Education and Training