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The IRB has completed a total revision of the MUSC protocol template! 

This protocol template should be used for both investigator-initiated biomedical and behavioral research.   If investigators choose not to use the template, all of the elements listed in the template must still be addressed.

The sections of the protocol were designed to capture full details and information that is often omitted from an investigator-initiated protocol submission.  It is anticipated that use of the revised template will minimize the number of revisions and questions from the IRB regarding the research protocol.

The IRB welcomes your comments regarding the revised protocol template!  As with any new process, it is expected that questions, comments, etc., will surface; we depend on our research community to provide feedback so that we can improve our resources and tools.

The revised protocol template is available on the IRB Forms page or directly as the Scientific Protocol Template.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the IRB at 843-792-4148.