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AAHRPP Re-Accreditation Successful!

We have received notification that our Human Research Proection Program has received full accreditation by the Association for Accreditation of Human Research Protection Progreams (AAHRPP) for 5 years!

Congratulations to MUSC and thanks to all who participated in the renewal this year.


Before a study is submitted to the IRB, departmental approvals must be obtained. The eIRB system automatically routes the study to the approving individuals along with a notification email.

If required approvals are incomplete, the current “State” of the study under the study’s main page will be "Department Review.” In this case, the department reviewers may not have issued approval for the study.

The IRB does not have your application until all of the necessary prior approvals have been completed. The state will then change to “IRB staff review”. An application is not complete and deemed received by the IRB until the state changes to “IRB staff Review.”

Please remember to leave time for Department Review when trying to make the deadlines for meeting submissions.

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