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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

COEUS Awards Management

July 1, 2012 Implementation

On July 1st, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) implemented a new system for awards management called Coeus.  Named after the Greek Titan of Intelligence, Coeus was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is currently in use by over 45 Universities and Agencies including Princeton, Vanderbilt, Indiana University, Michigan State, University of Maryland, University of California, Yale, and Johns Hopkins.  This new system will allow more robust reporting and facilitate data integration with multiple systems across campus.

The major changes affecting the Departments are the award and award modification forms that replace the former 5-part Grant and Contract Acceptance and Notice of Change forms.  These new forms are generated by the Coeus system.  Routing of these new forms will also be accomplished by email with attachments with distribution to the same individuals that formerly received the paper forms. 

No changes are being made to the ePDS routing and approval system at this time. Only awards and reporting will be affected by this new system.

Coeus Users

Coeus 4.4.3 - Manual for Grants Management (pdf)

Access and Navigation in Coeus (pdf)

Coeus 4.4.3 - Troubleshooting Guide (pdf)

Coeus Launch Site - Live

Test Sites