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Research Areas

Our research focal topics enable our scientists to achieve excellence and develop innovative technologies.

MUSC Cancer


Working to uncover new ways to treat, diagnose and prevent cancer
MUSC Community Health

Community Health

Understanding cultural and societal differences to improve health
MUSC Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery

Developing innovative solutions for therapies and medicine
MUSC Health Disparities

Health Disparities

Focusing on eliminating ethnic, socioeconomic and rural disparities in health
MUSC Inflammation & Fibrosis

Inflammation & Fibrosis

Participating in novel therapies and large-scale clinical trials
MUSC Neuroscience


Discovering through innovation how the brain works
MUSC Oral Health

Oral Health

Supporting research in order to improve oral, dental and craniofacial health
MUSC Rehab & Stroke

Rehabilitation & Stroke

Providing evidence-based treatments addressing post-stroke disability