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Southern Acute Kidney Injury Network

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South Carolina Renal Disease Biomarkers SmartState Program

The SmartState Program is a group of academic scientists interested in improving the lives of patients with kidney disease through discovery and use of biomarkers and testing and use of new therapies. It also is as the coordinating center for data and samples obtained through the SEKDC.

MUSC Nephrology Proteomics Lab

The proteomics lab in the Nephrology Division at the Medical University of South Carolina focuses on renal biomarker discovery and pathophysiology of renal diseases. The laboratory uses a variety of moderate to high  throughput techniques.

Southeastern Kidney Disease Consortium (SEKDC)

The Southeastern kidney disease consortium is a group of specialist and generalist physicians that  take care of patients with kidney disease. The group collects clinical data and fluid and tissue samples for analysis.

Acute Renal Failure Trial Network (ATN)

The Acute Renal Failure Trial Network (ATN) Study is a clinical research study that is jointly sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the National Institutes of Health in order to determine if an increased dose of dialysis will decrease mortality rates in patients with acute renal failure (ARF).

Acute Kidney Injury Network

AKIN (Acute Kidney Injury Network) is an international interdisciplinary group of adult and pediatric nephrologists and critical care physicians, and others interested in Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).

Acute Dialysis Quality Initiative (ADQI)

The Southern Acute Kidney Injury Network is a group of physicians and scientists interested in improving the care of patients with  AKI. The group is made up of Nephrologists, Critical Care Physicians and Scientists.

Pubmed Search for AKI

Clicking this link will query the Pubmed database for publications containing the terms “acute renal failure” or “acute kidney injury” or “acute kidney failure”. The publications are listed with the most recent ones first.


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