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Southern Acute Kidney Injury Network

SAKINet Projects

The SAKInet collaborates on projects to provide a robust multi-center approach to biomarker discovery and validation, description of diseases and the effect of treatments. Several projects are underway and a number of others are in the planning stages.  

Prognostic markers in postoperative acute kidney injury

This NIDDK-funded project is currently enrolling patients that develop AKI after cardiac surgery at five sites.  Acute kidney injury (AKI) after surgery occurs in about 7% of patients and is … (more details).

Diagnostic markers in acute kidney injury

This project is currently enrolling patients that develop AKI from any cause at five sites. The goal is to identify urine biomarkers that predict the cause of AKI. A major obstacle to improved treatment of AKI is the inability to make an early diagnosis. Timely recognition of…(more details)
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